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Phillies Top Braves 1-0, Complete Three Game Sweep

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Tommy Hanson pitched his heart out tonight, but the Braves offense couldn't muster up anything against Roy Oswalt or the backend of the Phillies bullpen. The Braves ended up with just one hit for the night, a double by Martin Prado

This was exactly what you wanted out of the pitching staff, but the bats just could not get it done. This was another unfortunate loss, especially since Ibanez's RBI double was a weak hit down the line. Sometimes the breaks just don't go your way and tonight they most certainly didn't.

Hanson lasted six innings, struck out four, and walked three. He allowed just two hits in his outing, but threw a lot of pitches in the fifth and sixth innings. Peter Moylan and Craig Kimbrel, who looked dominant, combined for a scoreless seventh inning. Jonny Venters entered in the eighth.

Venters Chase Utley, who was also hit earlier in the game by Hanson, then forced Ryan Howard to ground out into a double play. He then walked Jayson Werth, and then Raul Ibanez came through with the lone run scoring hit of the evening. 

Getting swept by the Phillies was supposed to happen on paper, but the Braves had a chance in every one of these games. They need to step it up and win some ball games over these final nine games.