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Braves Outfield Prospect Cody Johnson Demoted To A-Ball

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The Braves have not been shy about demoting players this year. Whether it be Nate McLouth or Kenshin Kawakami going from the Majors to triple-A, or Jordan Schafer going from triple-A to double-A. The latest high-profile demotion comes in the form of 2006 first-round pick Cody Johnson, as he was just demoted from double-A Mississippi to high-A Myrtle Beach.

Certainly the Pelicans need some power in their lineup, and Johnson had great success there. Success he hasn't found in double-A. Johnson had dropped well below the Mendoza Line, with a .189 batting average in Mississippi. Add to that almost half of his at-bats which result in a strikeout (114 K in 233 AB), and Johnson certainly needs a change of scenery.

Hopefully the powerful prospect can get things sorted out in Myrtle Beach and get back on the right track. If fear though it will take a bit of a "come-to-Jesus" revelation of some kind to get him to change his approach to the plate.