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Braves Beat Themselves Again, Fall 3-2 to Giants

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This Braves team HAS to stop beating themselves if we're going to play October baseball.

Tommy Hanson was great again, and doesn't have anything to show for it.

Billy Wagner didn't help himself in the 9th with a leadoff HBP, and the defense blew it big time.

The offense was pretty terrible on Friday, and we had one realistic scoring opportunity tonight besides Gonzalez's and Chipper's HRs. Melky came in to pinch-hit with two on and two out in the 8th, and he popped up on the 1st pitch.

Also, what was the purpose of us bringing over Kyle Farnsworth if we aren't going to use him? Moylan threw a ton of pitches in the 10th, and then came out once again in the 11th, and threw another 20 pitches before blowing the tie.

Full recap to come...sometime. Very tough loss.