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Atlanta Braves Minor League Recap: 8/6

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Gwinnett 2, Lehigh Valley 1

  • N. McLouth 0-3 BB, K, .267 Avg
  • F. Freeman 2-4 2B, 2K, .298 Avg
  • W. Ramirez 1-4 HR(5), 2K, .213 Avg
  • T. Redmond 7.2IP 4H 1R 2BB 9K 4.32 ERA

The very good Todd Redmond showed up for the Braves tonight and the offense did just enough to get the win. The amazing thing about Redmond is he isn't even in the Braves thought process when it comes to potential major league starters. The guy has been pretty solid for two seasons at AAA and he can't even get a whiff of the show. Freddie Freeman is a bad-ass.

Mobile 0, Mississippi 6

  • M. Gomez 3-4 2B, 2 RBI, .271 Avg
  • J. Thompson 7IP 7H 0R 2BB 1K 4.91 ERA
  • T. Harris 2IP 2H 0R 1BB 0K 0.00 ERA

All of a sudden Jacob Thompson appears to be turning his season around. July was his best month of the year as he posted a 2.42 ERA and significantly reduced hits allowed. So far in August he hasn't allowed a run in two starts which earlier in the year I would have considered a minor miracle. His sinker has been working all year and tonight it was no different with 13 ground outs.

Potomac @ Myrtle Beach - Postponed

Rome 1, Greenville 17

  • P. Gosselin 1-3 2B, .309 Avg
  • J. Hanson 2-4 2B, K, SB(7), .229 Avg

This game was so bad Matt Weaver -  the shortstop - was called on to get the last out of the game. He walked two and hit a batter but didn't give up any earned runs of his own. This was pretty much the worst game for any of the farm teams this season.

Danville 9, Kingsport 10 -  13 Innings

  • A. Simmons 0-7 .248 Avg
  • B. Kleinknecht 3-6 2 2B, 2 RBI, BB, .304 Avg
  • K. Fleming 2-5 2 2B, BB, K, .196 Avg
  • D. Jurik 6IP 2H 0R 2BB 4K 3.00 ERA

I just couldn't resist putting Andrelton Simmons' 0-7 day up there. That just jumps out at you when looking at a boxscore. Every other Appy league series played a double header today so Danville and Kingsport played a half of one in extra innings apparently. Dan Jurik was pretty good in his six innings but unfortunately the guys that followed him weren't nearly as good with Tyler Stovall allowing 4 unearned runs after Jace Whitmer dropped the 3rd strike on the 3rd out of the 7th inning.

GCL Tigers 2, GCL Braves 0

  • T. Hess 5IP 2H 1R 2BB 4K 3.00 ERA

The Braves only managed 4 hits in this game with 0 walks. Matt Lipka only appeared as a pinch hit and struck out. I also just realized that the Braves drafted two brothers this year: Kenny and Kurt Fleming. Kenny is the old brother playing in Danville, but Kurt was our 8th round pick and is more highly regarded.

DSL Braves 1, DSL Rangers 4

  • G. Reyes 2-4 K, SB(17), .283 Avg

Reyes has an .819 OPS against right handers. He has an .447 OPS vs lefties. He is also just 19 years old. Of course so is Julio Teheran.