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Atlanta Braves Minor League Recaps: 8/5

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I apologize now for a shorter than normal recap resulting from an incredibly late work night.

Gwinnett 5, Lehigh Valley 1

  • W. Timmons 2-4 BB, .300 Avg
  • N. McLouth 1-2 3 BB, .281 Avg
  • F. Freeman 3-4 HR(15), 3 RBI, SB(4), .296 Avg
  • M. Minor 1.2IP 1H 0R 2BB 2K 1.89 ERA

Mike Minor made his last appearance for Gwinnett before his promotion on Monday and was pulled after just under 2 innings in what I would assume is just the equivalent of a live action bullpen session. Freddie Freeman continues to terrorize pitchers and looks like he will end up hitting 20 HR this season. Nate McLouth had the game that I had been waiting for from him where actually had plate appearances that looked like a major leaguer in AAA. I hope he can build on it.

Mobile 6, Mississippi 2

  • M. Gomez 2-4 2B, K, .266 Avg
  • D. Linares 3-4 RBI, .257 Avg
  • R. Delgado 5IP 4H 4R 4BB 5K 4.50 ERA

Randall Delgado wasn't quite as sharp as we are used to but just one of the runs he allowed was earned so his ERA gets a break even if he wasn't at his best. He was pretty good after the 2nd inning but his control was all over the place tonight with 4 walks and a HBP.

Potomac 7, Myrtle Beach 1

  • LV Ware 2-3 HR(3), .268 Avg
  • JJ Hoover 5IP 7H 4R 3BB 5K 3.51 ERA

J.J. Hoover's inconsistency showed up in this game again and the Pelican's offense didn't show up at all which is generally a recipe for disaster. Actually Hoover was pretty fantastic until the 6th inning when he allowed this sequence of events: double, walk, HR, walk, double and walk. Then he was pulled. It appears he just hit the wall in that inning. His line before that inning would have been 5IP 4H 0R 0BB 5K. Much better.

Savannah 0, Rome 1

  • E. Salcedo 1-3 CS(4), .214 Avg
  • W. Kempf 6IP 5H 0R 0BB 6K 2.45 ERA

Willie Kempf has pretty up some pretty impressive numbers between three levels this year with just 36 hits and 6 walks allowed in 60 innings to go along with 49K. Obviously if he can maintain that walk and K rate as he moves up the ladder he could become a valuable commodity.

Danville 4, Kingsport 12

  • A. Simmons 2-4 SB(10), .260 Avg
  • B. Kleinknecht 1-4 HR(4), 2 RBI, SB(6), .294 Avg
  • J. Terdoslavich 2-4 2B, 2K, .287 Avg

Braves pitchers got hit pretty hard in this one early on, with recent draftee Matt Suschak not even recording an out in his appearance.

GCL Yankees 9, GCL Braves 4

  • D. Falcon 2-4 2B, .348 Avg
  • R. Query 1-4 2B, 3 RBI, .220 Avg

There are lots of guys here I don't really know anything about. Gary Sanchez of the Yankees squad went 2-5 2B, RBI.

DSL Angels 4, DSL Braves 5 -  14 Innings

  • G. Reyes 2-6 2B, 2 RBI, BB, K, CS(7), .278 Avg
  • A. Alcantara 3-6 K, .292 Avg
  • I. Geronimo 3IP 1H 0R 1BB 5K0.59 ERA
  • O. Caicedo 4IP 1H 0R 2BB 6K 4.24 ERA

This DSL team has a habit of putting together some long games. Today their relief pitching really carried the torch with the last two guys pitching seven innings and striking out 11. The team struck out 16 total for the day and only the starter, Gil, gave up any runs. The Angels managed just 3 hits for the final 9 innings against the relievers.