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Open Thread 8/4: Braves at Mets

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The Braves try again for their first series win in what seems like forever tonight against the Mets. I am predicting that we will score at least six runs tonight, because the "new Derek Lowe" is pitching for the Braves (Kris Medlen) and Mike Pelfrey, who has been terrible lately, is pitching for the Mets.

The last two times the Braves have scored 6+ runs, Meds has been on the mound, which explains how we won those games despite not-great performances from Kris. Hopefully we can get some runs today and Kris can live up to his usual standards.

The lineup tonight should satisfy just about everyone (except those who think Matt Diaz should be strictly platooned, but they're a minority from what I can tell). And yes, Troy Glaus is not starting, strengthening the case that Bobby is going to be platooning him and Eric Hinske.

1) Infante, 2B
2) Heyward, RF
3) Chipper, 3B
4) McCann, C
5) Hinske, 1B
6) Diaz, LF
7) Ankiel, CF
8) Gonzalez, SS
9) Medlen, SP

I like how our 2-5 hitters are among the most patient hitters in the league and our 6-8 are among the least patient. It's feast or famine here in Braves Country.