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Braves Stats of the Day: Jason Heyward and the Walk

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Courtesy of a Keith Law tweet this morning:

Heyward's 67 BB are already the 6th-highest total ever for a player 20 or under. 16 more would put him 3rd behind Ted Williams and Mel Ott.

That's pretty amazing, and that's even with Heyward missing a month with injuries. We might all get frustrated with Jason for being a little too patient at times, but the man already knows the strike zone better than most hitters in the league.

Here's one other stat that I dug up:

It took Jason Heyward 111 games to reach 67 walks. It took Jeff Francoeur 363 games to reach 67 walks.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is one of the many differences between Jason Heyward and Jeff Francoeur.