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Open Thread 8/3: Braves vs. Mets

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Fresh off a nice win last night, the Braves try to continue their home success against the Mets in game 2 of the series. Derek Lowe takes the hill against R.A. Dickey. Will the Braves be able to hit the knuckleballer? Can Lowe manage to get through the sixth inning? We're about to find out.

Tonight's lineup is interesting, and may forebode a shift in Bobby Cox's strategies now that we have Rick Ankiel. This will be good news for the Glaus haters but bad news for the Melky haters:

1) Infante, 2B
2) Heyward, RF
3) Chipper, 3B
4) McCann, C
5) Hinske, 1B
6) Gonzalez, SS
7) Ankiel, CF
8) Melky, LF
9) Lowe, SP

This is the second straight game against a right-handed starter that has featured Eric Hinske at first base instead of Troy Glaus, which implies that Bobby is going to platoon the two of them. If so, that would be a dramatic reduction in playing time for the Glausosaur. A further consequence of this is that Melky Cabrera seems likely to get more time in left field that we had anticipated after the trade for Ankiel. Melky has been in left for both games against righties since the trade. Perhaps Matt Diaz will get some more starts against righties, but it sure seems like Bobby wants to keep platooning him.

Enjoy the game, folks--even if you're a Melky hater. Go Braves!