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Jordan Schafer Back On Disabled List

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The problems just won't stop for Braves once-prospect Jordan Schafer. The center fielder was placed on the disabled list for the Mississippi Braves today with left hand inflammation. He had been demoted from triple-A to double-A a couple of weeks ago.

Schafer had surgery on the wrist this off-season, an injury that had plagued him since early in the 2009 season and eventually led to his demotion from the Majors to the Minors, and the Braves trade for Nate McLouth. This latest injury is truly of concern as it means that Schafer may miss another half year of development. Add to that the fact that if he was injured again this year, then we really can't get a good read on what his true talent level is.

Tough break for the kid (no pun intended).