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Atlanta Braves Fan Confidence Was Up

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The last Atlanta Braves Fan Confidence Poll was taken on Monday, the day after a 16-to-5 pummeling of the Cubs, so it not unexpected that the fan confidence was up at that time, but not much has gone right since, and unless the Braves can exact some measure of revenge against the Marlins this weekend, then this week's rosy number will fall precipitously.

The FCP went from 77 percent confidence a week ago to 83 percent confidence this week, steadily gaining throughout August -- a month in which the Braves had won every series until they met the upstart Rockies in the spacious confines of Coors Field.

The FCP may also have been bolstered by the Derrek Lee acquisition. Though Lee will need to do better than the 3-for-24 number he's put up so far as a member of the Braves.

Atlanta needs to get their act together this weekend and get back on the winning side against the Marlins, or we may see the FCP take its biggest plunge yet. Let's hope that's not the case.