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Ex-Braves Quote Of The Day ... The Demise Of Jeff Francoeur

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Poor Jeffy:

That is why the Mets need to be realistic, mature and forward looking. And really we are talking about not playing Jeff Francoeur, who is on pace (at .284) to have the worst on-base percentage by a Met (400 plate appearances minimum) since Rey Ordonez in 1998

I find it truly painful to watch the demise of Jeff Francoeur. He was a much needed dose of youth and enthusiasm to what had become a bit of a stale Braves franchise when he arrived on the scene in 2005. He re-energized the entire town around the Braves, and was perhaps the most popular player on a team that included several future Hall of Famers. Secretly I still root for him, but deep down I know he's probably done.

By the way, Matt Diaz has an OBP of .289.