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Open Thread 8/2: Braves vs. Mets

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Home, sweet home. Let's all forget about the previous 10 days (road trip? what road trip?), sit back, and relax as the Braves bash the Mets in the first game of the three-game set at Turner Field. We've got a doozy of a pitching matchup--Tim Hudson versus Johan Santana.

Here is the Braves' lineup:

1) Infante, 2B
2) Heyward, RF
3) Jones, 3B
4) Diaz, LF
5) Gonzalez, SS
6) Glaus, 1B
7) Ankiel, CF
8) Ross, C
9) Hudson, SP

Normally, I'd be a bit befuddled by the 4-5 combo, but really it's understandable. Matt Diaz just owns Santana (over .500 lifetime), and really, who else is going to hit fifth instead of Gonzalez (with McCann resting)? Glaus, who hasn't homered in forever? Ross, who has no homers? I guess you could make an argument for Ankiel, but he and Gonzalez are basically the same hitter.

Anyway, let's hope this makeshift lineup can score some runs off of Johan. Not that we should need very many with Huddy on the mound. Enjoy the game and go Braves!