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Atlanta Braves Minor League Recap: 8/16

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There are a lot of interesting stories running around in the Braves world tonight, and that includes the minor league action. So let's dig in and see what was going on.

Norfolk 9, Gwinnett 11

  • N. Mclouth 2-4 HR(5), 6 RBI, BB, .234 Avg
  • M. Prado 1-4
  • F. Freeman 1-4 RBI, K, .311 Avg
  • B. Canizares 3-5 HR(10), .337 Avg
  • W. Ramirez 2-3 RBI, BB, .215 Avg
  • C. Kimbrel 1IP 1H 0R 0BB 3K 1.50 ERA

Martin Prado and Nate McLouth were the story in this game. Prado made his first rehab start for Gwinnett tonight and collected a hit while McLouth had a bit of a breakout game flashing some power, though really that is all he has really shown since his demotion. Freddie didn't do a whole lot, but let's not forget he is 2nd in the league in hitting, 3rd in OPS, 3rd in doubles, 3rd in RBI, and 4th in SLG. That is a pretty dominant season for such a young guy. Craig Kimbrel also collected his 20th save of the season in a pretty dominant fashion.

Montgomery 2, Mississippi 4

  • A. Richardson 3-5 2B, K, SB(21), .294 Avg
  • J. Thompson 6IP 6H 2R 4BB 3K 4.79 ERA

Antoan Richardson was most of the offense for the Braves tonight, but with Jacob Thompson's resurgence they didn't need a whole lot of it. Thompson hasn't allowed more than 2 earned runs in a start since July 2. On the other hand he has walked at least 3 in all but one of those starts. His hits allowed are down but those walks and the lack of Ks are going to catch up to him if he can't get ground balls.

Myrtle Beach 7, Lynchburg 4

  • C. Harrilchak 2-5 2B, HR(2), 2K, .271 Avg
  • C. Johnson 2-3 HR(2), 4 RBI, BB, .350 Avg
  • J.J. Hoover 6IP 2H 0R 1BB 8K 3.26 ERA

J.J. Hoover delivered one of his best starts of the season and Cody Johnson continues to find himself in Myrtle Beach. Hoover has been up and down a bit this season but tonight was an up night with JJ retiring the first 10 batters he faced and then allowing just one runner to reach 2nd all night. Cody Johnson hasn't struck out in two consecutive games which may be the first time all season that has happened. He has also collected 3 XBH in 7 total hits since he joined the Pelicans. Maybe he is finally figuring things out.

Augusta 8, Rome 7

  • J. Leonard 2-5 2B, RBI, .268 Avg
  • T. Cunningham 1-3 2BB, .263 Avg
  • E. Salcedo 2-4 BB, .194 Avg
  • J. Terdoslavich 2-4 RBI
  • M. Weaver 3-4 2B, 4 RBI, SB(4), .264 Avg

Ooooh so close! I really thought we might get the organizational sweep tonight. There is still some good stuff to see here though. My boy Joe Leonard got off his snide with a double and Joey Terdoslavich made his full season debut with a couple of hits. Even Edward Salcedo had his first multi-hit game in I don't know how long. The real kicker is still Matt Weaver. What has gotten into this guy? I don't know if we have had a prospect hotter than him at any point during the season.

Burlington 6, Danville 3

  • B. Kleinknecht 2-4 2 2B, .298 Avg
  • T. Stovall 4IP 2H 0R 1BB 3K 2.70 ERA

Barrett Kleinknecht lost his partner in crime but continued to hit the ball well. Dan Jurik started the game for Danville but was knocked around to the tune of 6 runs in 5 innings of work. Tyler Stovall had his first decent outing in a while and he continues to perplex me. I don't know if he will ever gain enough control to make it to the majors, but damn is his stuff good.

GCL Yankees 5, GCL Braves 10

  • M. Lipka 2-5 2B, RBI, K, SB(18), .311 Avg
  • K. Rose 3-5 2B, 5 RBI, BB, 2 SB(3), .500 Avg
  • E. Sanchez 1-3 2B, BB, 2K, .288 Avg

Kyle Rose had a fantastic night in rehab collecting a bunch of hits and stealing some bases. Edison Sanchez also reappeared for the Braves a couple of nights ago but didn't collect any hits until tonight. He has been M.I.A. since the middle of July for reasons well beyond my understanding but I am glad he is back because he is one of my guys.

DSL Braves 0, DSL Rangers 5

  • J. Peguero 3-3 2B, .191 Avg
  • J. Gil 5IP 4H 2R 0BB 6K 1.89 ERA

The Braves ran their B-squad out for this game and it showed with the offense collecting just 5 hits on the day (you see Juan Peguero had 3 of those).