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Braves Considering A Trade For Rockies' Clint Barmes

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Per MLBTR, Ken Rosenthal has this to say about the Braves possible trade interest in Rockies second baseman Clint Barmes:

The Braves are considering Barmes along with other potential replacements for injured third baseman Chipper Jones, but the Rockies have yet to place Barmes on waivers, sources say. Barmes could play second for the Braves, with Martin Prado moving to third. Prado is scheduled to return from the disabled list this week.

Don't we already have a Clint Barmes in Alex Gonzalez? Barmes has some pop, but he is wildly inconsistent. Adding him as depth could be a solid plan, but adding him and taking at-bats away from Omar Infante -- at this point at least -- is not a good idea.

Barmes is arbitration eligible for the last time after this season, and was likely going to be a non-tender candidate for the Rockies. Kelly Johnson would be a much better option than Barmes at this point. Of course, Barmes wouldn't cost the Braves nearly as much as KJ likely would.