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If You Want The Braves To Win, Who Does Talking Chop Put In?

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OK, so I originally had this idea earlier in the season and totally forgot about it. Then Amazin Avenue had something similar, and it reminded me to do it.

As you know, a different blogger gets each series that the Braves play. In the beginning of the year, Gondeee, Pacgnosis and myself (mvhsbball) all spent time covering the series. Then Gondeee had to head off to the big times with SBN Atlanta and BenDurino was brought on to the team. So without further adieu, here are the standings for the season between the four bloggers:

Ben: 13-9, .590%

Jacob: 23-16, .589%

Martin: 12-5, .705%

Scott: 20-19, .512%

So in other words, Gondeee brings the wins, Jacob and Ben are consistently good, and I suck. Everyone already knew that though.

This will be updated at times throughout the year. Stay tuned.