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Open Thread 8/15: Braves vs. Dodgers

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Well, crap. Coming off of an ugly 2-1 loss, the Braves are running out what might be their most pathetic lineup of the year. Part of it isn't Bobby's fault--with Prado and Chipper on the DL and Heyward's knee sore again, his options are limited--but seriously, Rick Ankiel hitting second? I mean, I've been tolerating Alex Gonzalez hitting third, but what the hell? It's bad enough I have to put up with Ankiel's atrocious range and routes. Now he and Sea Bass are forming the majors' least deadly 2-3 combo. Hurrah for .300 OBPs at the top of the order!!! Here's the whole lineup:

1) Infante, 2B
2) Ankiel, CF
3) Gonzalez, SS
4) McCann, C
5) Glaus, 1B
6) Hinske, LF
7) Conrad, 3B
8) Cabrera, RF
9) Jurrjens, SP

Seriously, I know we're depleted. But why not Cabrera (.328 OBP) second and Hinske (.338 OBP, .467 SLG) third? Or one of those guys second and McCann third? Isn't that light years better than Stankiel and Gonzalez?

Sorry for the angst. Anyways, we are at least facing a pitcher with a history of suckitude--Vicente Padilla. Padilla has a 5.14 ERA and a 5.21 FIP away from Dodger Stadium this year, so he should be hittable. Jair Jurrjens goes for the good guys.

It might be rough, but I'm going to stick with this game. JJ should at least give us a chance. Go Braves!