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Open Thread 8/14: Braves vs. Dodgers

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Derek Lowe takes the hill for the Bravos.
Derek Lowe takes the hill for the Bravos.

Last night, Tim Hudson bested Hiroki Kuroda in a fantastic pitchers' duel thanks to Brooks Conrad's solo homer. Tonight's pitching matchup doesn't figure to be nearly as good, but it does feature two crafty veterans in Derek Lowe and Ted Lilly. It's an interesting contrast of styles, as Lowe is one of the league's best at getting ground balls and Lilly is one of the league's best at getting pop-ups.

With a lefty on the mound for the Dodgers, the Braves are starting Matt Diaz and Melky Cabrera, but otherwise the lineup is more or less intact from last night. And yes, that means Alex Gonzalez is still in the 3 hole:

1) Infante, 2B
2) Heyward, RF
3) Gonzalez, SS
4) Glaus, 1B
5) McCann, C
6) Diaz, LF
7) Conrad, 3B
8) Cabrera, CF
9) Lowe, SP

For those who didn't hear, Martin Prado felt some pain in his broken finger when taking batting practice; it doesn't look like he'll be quite ready to come off the DL tomorrow. Hopefully, he'll get as close as he can to 100% before coming back. The last thing we want is for him to re-injure it. I'd rather play a few more games without him than lose him for the rest of the season.

Rain could be an issue for tonight's game, so everyone keep your fingers crossed for no delays. Anyway, enjoy the game and go Braves!