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Chipper Jones to rehab knee, attempt 2011 Comeback

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During his press conference yesterday with Braves GM Frank Wren, Chipper Jones has decided to undergo the rehabilitation process, and will attempt to prepare himself for 2011's Spring Training. 

"I'm going to try my best to rehab it, get it ready for Spring Training, and we'll see how it feels after that," Jones said during a Friday afternoon press conference. "I think it would be wrong of me to make a decision to quit right now.

Seriously, this comes as little shock to me, as we're all aware of the stubborn fighter that is our Hall of Fame-bound third baseman, and it was hard to see Chipper leaving the game on absolutely anything other than his own terms.  Overall, this is a fairly low-risk and yet another classic Chipper Jones move of putting the team first, since it's not going to hurt the organization to look forward to the potential average and OBP coming back next year, alleviating a little bit of pressure to find an immediate long-term replacement, since he could very well have easily phoned it in right now, and start his retirement life of hunting, fishing, and being a father.

Hopefully with below-par Chipper seasons now in the past, the 2011 Chipper Jones will return to the Braves, fresher, healthier, and ready to embark on a season full of potential offensive milestones and book-ending a HOF-worthy story in his own terms.