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Atlanta Braves Fan Confidence Bouncing Back

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It has been a tough couple of weeks for the Atlanta Braves. It has also been a tough couple of weeks for the Atlanta Braves Fan Confidence. The Confidence Factor squiggled its way through most of June and July, bouncing up and down, before falling for three straight weeks at the end of July. This coincided with the erosion of the Braves large division lead and offensive slump.

This past week, though, the Confidence Rating bounced back and ended its fall, jumping from 69 percent confidence last week to 78 percent confidence this week. It helped that the team got back on track and started winning series again, having won their last three series, a record of 7-and-3. As frustrating as the last week has been to watch, the team is actually tied for the best record in the National League over the past ten games.

It certainly looks like the rest of the season will be a struggle for the Braves, as they will likely be pushed by the Phillies the entire time. Atlanta will have to find some ways to survive their latest rash of injuries and come out the other end still in first place. I expect more roller coaster confidence results to follow.