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Open Thread 8/10: Braves at Astros

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Jair Jurrjens will try and help Braves fans forget about last night as he opposes J.A. Happ this evening. If the Braves plan to win the series, they will likely need a solid outing from Jair. The sloppy play as of late has cost the Braves, and as Dave O'Brien mentioned on twitter, Alex Gonzalez has five errors in the past ten games, and the Braves have lost every game in which he has made an error. Regardless, I think we need to stop getting on Gonzalez so much, even though some of the errors were costly. Gonzalez has a 0.5 WAR in 91 plate appearances over 23 games. Yunel had a 1.1 WAR in 389 PA over 94 games. Let's just put this argument to rest and be happy that we are getting production from our shortstop, regardless of who it is.

**Edit: Jason Heyward was scratched last minute due to a sore right knee.**

Braves lineup vs. Astros, 8:05 pm EST start time:

1. Infante 2B

2. Gonzalez SS

3. Jones 3B

4. Diaz LF

5. McCann C

6. Glaus 1B

7. Cabrera RF

8. Ankiel CF

9. Jurrjens P