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Keith Law Chat Wrap - Braves Related

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Keith Law did a chat today for the huddled morons masses at ESPN. Here is a wrap-up of the Braves-related nuggets.

Garrett (NYC) Who hangs up the phone first on a Willingham-for-Teheran offer? Also, any chance Rizzo could convince Minaya to give up Pagan for, say, Capps or Clippard?

Klaw Atlanta would slam the phone down and swear they'd never take Rizzo's calls again.

Ben (Seattle) Hi Keith, if the M's can get Justin Smoak in a deal for Cliff Lee, is that pretty much the best scenario they could hope for? Would a Smoak/Saltalamacchia deal trump a Hicks/Ramos deal?

Klaw Saltalamacchia's trade value right now is somewhere between zero and negative infinity. I'd take Hicks/Ramos.

Rob (LA) Can you think of any - ANY - logical reason why Garret Anderson is still on the Dodgers' roster? His OPS+ is in the 20's.

Klaw Veteran presents - he brings little trinkets to the park and hands them out to the other players before the games. I heard the Giants want to trade for Anderson and put him behind the plate so Posey can go work on catching right-handed screwballs in AAA.

Kyle (CT) Would you trade Mike Minor right now? What do you think the Braves could get for him?

Klaw Yes. I think he could be the central prospect in a deal for a second-tier player - not a Lee or a Haren, I mean.

Jack (Houston) What kind of stuff does Mike Minor have? I'm hearing rumors of a Corey Hart-Mike Minor trade, sound like a good deal to you?

Klaw I wouldn't trade anything of value for Hart. His first half is way over his head, and hitters who can be beaten that easily would scare me if I was looking to acquire them for a playoff run.

Eric (Chicago) Regarding Garret Anderson, it's presence, not presents like you receive for X-Mas or Birthday, KLAW you are the worst, get off ESPN.

Klaw Priceless. I'm sure those of you with two functioning neurons will forgive me sharing this one.

Tom (Simi Valley, CA) I'm noticing a distinct lack of Omar Infante questions. I assume you're ignoring them rather than light the fires of people who have nothing better to do than write long diatribes that attempt to justify his name being mentioned with Pujols and Halladay.

Klaw Pretty much.

Good stuff.