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Braves Comment Of The Day... The Balance Of The NL East

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Talking Chop commenter SuperNewb talking about last night's win in the game recap:

The win also makes us 14-14 against the NL East

Important in a division in which everybody is playing everybody tough, right now:

vs East
Braves 14-14
Mets 18-18
Phillies 15-16
Marlins 17-16
Nats 15-15

Very nice observation, and an amazing look at what has to be the toughest division in baseball (at least they play each other like they're the toughest).

To add to this, I really like that the Nationals are getting better and are no longer the door mats of the NL East. This makes every game exciting, and it has really created new rivalries for the Braves with every team in division. Note that Atlanta has to play the rest of the division more than any other team in the division does.