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Open Thread 7/4: Braves vs. Marlins

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I love watching Tim Hudson pitch. Do you?
I love watching Tim Hudson pitch. Do you?

First of all, happy 4th of July to all of Talking Chop's great readers! Have a great holiday weekend.

Now, onto your NL-leading Braves.

It'll be Timmy Hudson vs. Ricky Nolasco today. One would expect a low scoring pitchers dual, which probably means we should prepare for a wild 10-8 ball game. The Braves won the first two games of the series and go for the sweeeeep in Hotlanta. With a win today, the Braves will have gone 7-2 on the 9-game homestand against Detroit, Washington and Florida. 6-3 would be fine as well, but I'd love even more momentum heading into arguably the biggest week of the season: 3 games @ Philly and 3 games @ New York before the All Star Break.

Lineups will be posted in the comments.

First pitch is at 5:05EST.

Go Braves!

P.S. I'm pretty sure Chip Carey will be calling the game today. I don't believe I've ever been happier to hear Squeaky call a game before. Ernie Johnson has got to go.