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Open Thread 7/31: Braves at Reds

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The trade deadline is less than an hour away and there is no real evidence that the Braves will do anything. The rumors are that Wren is looking at relievers, which really doesn't make any sense at all, but oh well. Maybe we can pry Luke Scott or someone similar away from the Orioles for not very much.

Anyways, there's a game today, too. And conveniently, it starts right after the deadline. The matchup is Jair Jurrjens vs. Bronson Arroyo. Ben is stuck in traffic, so I'm putting up the OT. Here is the lineup (no Prado, obviously--he's got a fractured knuckle on his pinky and will be out 7-10 days):

1) Infante, 2B
2) Heyward, RF
3) Jones, 3B
4) McCann, C
5) Glaus, 1B
6) Hinske, LF
7) Gonzalez, SS
8) Cabrera, CF
9) Jurrjens, SP

It looks like Gonzalez is going to try to go today despite his gastritis (ie, stomach pain). In other Braves news, they called up Gregor Blanco and designated Brent Clevlen for assignment.

Happy Deadline Day / Braves Win, everybody!