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Open Thread: 2010 Trade Deadline

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This is your thread to discuss all things related to the Trade Deadline. Teams have until 4pm EST to make trades without having to send players through waivers before the trade is approved.

Will the Braves make a move? For my money, the Braves won't do much of anything. At most, they'll add a reliever to help the fatigued 'pen down the stretch. But hey, that's just my opinion.

Last year, the Braves acquired Adam LaRoche for Casey Kotchman. At the time of the trade, I'd say that at least the majority of TC wasn't too thrilled with LaRoche being our only move. The Braves were hot, and some fans were un-realistically expecting a superstar for the 2nd half. Little did we know Roachy would have one of the better 2nd halves of any player traded at the deadline.

Let's just all keep this in mind: Whatever happens, happens. Frank Wren is a fantastic GM and he knows what he's doing. Embrace any new Braves players with open arms and say farewell to any players who leave the organization. We owe it to them.

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