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Open Thread 7/30: Braves at Reds

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Kris Medlen's serious.
Kris Medlen's serious.

Kris Medlen looks to start the Braves off on a good note in a big series in Cincinnati as he opposes Reds ace Johnny Cueto. The Braves are 11-1 when Kris Medlen starts, which isn't solely based on how well he has pitched. Regardless, it's always nice when a team wins with a certain pitcher on the mound and Medlen happens to be one of my favorites and one of the more under-rated starters in the game, in my opinion. Cueto has some really good stuff as well, but hopefully the Braves bats can come to life and take the series opener.

Braves Lineup:

1. Martin Prado 2B

2. Jason Heyward RF

3. Chipper Jones 3B

4. Brian McCann C

5. Troy Glaus 1B

6. Eric Hinske LF

7. Omar Infante SS

8. Melky Cabrera CF

9. Kris Medlen P