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Braves Fall to Nationals 3-0

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The Braves didn't show up to the park today, and it was pretty damn embarrassing to watch them in the field and at the plate. They didn't give much of an effort, and I'm not going to in this recap either. Call me crazy, but I really don't feel like writing about this team right now.

Stephen Strasburg was scratched just minutes before the game with shoulder inflammation and he was replaced by Miguel Batista. It should be an easy game, right? We miss the phenom and we get a 39-year old right-hander with average stuff. Wrong. Batista shut down the Braves for 5 innings and only allowed 3 hits while striking out 6. 

Tommy Hanson pitched pretty well on Tuesday despite a slow start, but the defense behind him really let him down. Hanson went 6 innings and allowed 3 runs, only 1 of which was earned, and struck out 8. A positive on the night was Hanson didn't walk anyone. Jonny Venters worked two scoreless innings in relief of Hanson.

Nyjer Morgan scored the first run of the game for Washington. After stealing 2nd, he attempted to steal 3rd on the next pitch. McCann threw the ball into LF and Morgan scored easily. 

The Braves defense failed in the 2nd. On a possible double play ball, Chipper Jones threw one into right field and allowed both runners to move into scoring position. Ian Desmond singled, and it was 3-0.

That was it on Tuesday. The Braves didn't have any real chances to score, besides a runner on 2nd with two outs in an inning or two. Overall, it was pathetic game to watch. I'm glad I didn't have to watch it live. I found myself fast forwarding through most of it on my DVR.

The Phillies and Mets won, so our NL East lead is now down to 3.5 and 6.5 games.

The Braves and Nats will play tomorrow night at 7:05.