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Braves Once-Prospect Jordan Schafer Demoted To Double-A

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The Mississippi Braves will be welcoming two of the brightest and most promising prospects in the Braves system this week, pitchers Julio Teheran and Randall Delgado, but they will also be receiving a player who was once thought of as the Braves top prospect. Outfielder Jordan Schafer was reassigned from triple-A Gwinnett to double-A Mississippi today.

The talented Schafer was hitting just .201 this season at Gwinnett and was just 4-for-his-last-29. His power (.276 SLG) and on-base (.255 OBP) skills have also been non-existent at Gwinnett.

Hopefully this demotion will help Schafer right the ship, but for any Braves fans that were thinking they would see him in Atlanta this year, you can pretty much forget about it.