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Nate McLouth Activated, Gregor Blanco Optioned to Triple-A

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As many expected, Nate McLouth was officially activated from the disabled list this afternoon. Gregor Blanco was sent down to Gwinnett to free up a roster spot. McLouth suffered a severe concussion while colliding with Jason Heyward in Arizona, and he's been out more than a month.

McLouth spent a week in the Minors and put up a line of .258/.281/.355. That's not very good, but as we've seen with Jair Jurrjens, stats are meaningless for Major League players on rehab assignments. I imagine Nate was really working to shorten up his swing, as the Braves had asked him, along with getting his timing back.

I'm sad to see Blanco go, though I'm sure he'll come back up in September. He's certainly not the most talented guy in the organization, but you have to love a guy who gives everything he has on every play. Best of luck to Gregor in Gwinnett.

This is a big week for Nate and the Braves. Matt Diaz and Jason Heyward are back to help the offense. If Nate McLouth comes back to something of his 2008 or early-2009 season, I'd imagine the Braves will stand pat at the trade deadline. If McLouth doesn't hit, I'm guessing Cody Ross will be in Atlanta within a week or so. There's just too many signs of him coming to Atlanta if McLouth still doesn't have it.

McLouth is in the lineup tonight, hitting 8th.

Welcome back, Nate. Good luck, and stay away from Jason Heyward.