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Atlanta Braves Minor League Recap: 7/20

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Apologies now for the short update due to me nearly cutting off the tip of my finger and driving 7 hours today.

Gwinnett 6, Scranton/WB 2

  • W. Timmons 3-3 BB, SB(17), ..294 Avg
  • F. Freeman 2-4 HR(12), 4 RBI, SB(3), .291 Avg
  • M. Minor 6IP 5H 2R 1BB 5K 1.93 ERA

All three of our major prospects on this team contributed with Craig Kimbrel throwing 2 scoreless innings to end the game. He did allow 3 walks but he struck out 4 in that span. Vintage Kimbrel!

Mississippi 3, Mobile 1 - Game 1

  • T. Pastronicky 1-2 RBI, BB, .364 Avg
  • D. Linares 2-3 K, .252 Avg

The rare good start for Jacob Thompson gives Mississippi the win in the first game of the rainout doubleheader. Tim Collins closed the game out and was credited with the save but struck out no one.

Mississippi 2, Mobile 5

  • W. Cabrera 2-3 2B, HR(5), .329 Avg
  • J. Sucre 1-3 2B, K, .366 Avg

My boy, Willie Cabrera, has been doing slightly less work since the All Star break but might have busted out of the mini slump with his first extra base hits in over a week. Also he has 3 homers this month after having just 2 the rest of the season. His 11 XBH so far are also the most for any month so far and he has 1 1/2 weeks left to add to the total.

Wilmington 2, Myrtle Beach 0

  • C. Harrilchak 1-3 BB, K, SB(2), .269 Avg
  • R. Delgado 7IP 4H 1R 1BB 9K 2.76 ERA

Our big guns have struggled a bit during the last month of the season but I would say that Randall Delgado had a nice bounce back game tonight and put himself in the running for the hotsheet next Monday.

Rome - Off

Danville 7, Pulaski 8 - 12 Innings

  • J. Dalfonso 1-2 2B, 2 BB, .313 Avg
  • A. Simmons 3-6 2B, 2 RBI, K, .258 Avg
  • C. Perez 7IP 5H 3R 3BB 4K 1.13 ERA

Just so you know, Carlos Perez allowed  baserunners in this game but 6 of them reached in the first inning. He still almost got out of it with a double play but gave up a couple of hits to allow all three runs. He then settled down and was his usual dominant self.

GCL Pirates 11, GCL Braves 3

  • M. Lipka 0-4 .329 Avg
  • D. Falcon 2-4 HR(1), K, .625 Avg

Apparently Matt Lipka cannot handle being the top man on the Talking Chop hotsheet. Also Danny Falcon is enjoying the weaker competition in the GCL.

DSL Braves 1, DSL Tigers 6

  • A. Alcantara 2-3 BB, K, SB(3), .321 Avg
  • A. Espinosa 4IP 6H 6R 2BB 3K 1.98 ERA

None of the runs that Abraham Espinosa allowed were earned as his defense committed a couple of errors that led to bunches of singles that didn't count towards his ERA.