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Open Thread: Braves vs. Brewers (The 2nd Half Begins)

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I have a feeling the threads will be buzzing tonight, so I'll get this one up nice and early. ( fools don't get any points for that one.)

The Braves and Brewers face off in Hotlanta for a 4-game series to kick off the 2nd half of the year. It'll be Dave Bush against Jair Jurrjens tonight, and JJ should have the big advantage. He's been great since coming back from the DL.

Lineup -- It's looking pretty great:

Prado - 2B
Heyward - RF
Chipper - 3B
McCann - C
Glaus - 1B
Hinske - LF
Gonzalez - SS
Blanco - CF
Jurrjens - P

Heyward is back and no Melky nor Esco...I love it. I'm not saying Blanco and Gonzalez will be our 2nd half MVPs, but I'd much rather have them in the lineup than the other two.

First pitch is at 7:10. The weather looks pretty good tonight.