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Open Thread 7/10: Braves at Mets

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The Braves try to widen their division lead this afternoon at Citi Field. They've got the best pitcher for that purpose on the hill, Tim Hudson. He'll face off against the Mets' Mike Pelfrey. The Braves are now guaranteed to head into the all-star break alone in first place (by at least 2 games), which is quite an accomplishment. Win these last two games and they could be as many as 6 games out.

Here are the lineups (Chipper's back but Melky's still hitting second... hopefully he puts up a repeat performance):


Atlanta Braves @ New York Mets

07/10/10 4:10 PM EDT

Atlanta Braves New York Mets
Martin Prado - 2B Angel Pagan - CF
Melky Cabrera - CF Jose Reyes - SS
Chipper Jones - 3B David Wright - 3B
Brian McCann - C Ike Davis - 1B
Troy Glaus - 1B Jason Bay - LF
Eric Hinske - LF Jeff Francoeur - RF
Omar Infante - RF Rod Barajas - C
Yunel Escobar - SS Alex Cora - 2B
Tim Hudson - P Mike Pelfrey - P

Everyone enjoy turning on the radio and muting FOX's terrible announcers! Go Braves!