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The Ace Has Arrived: Braves Bash Brewers 8-2

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Tommy Hanson. Where to begin?

The dude was filthy tonight.

Hanson continued to prove why he's the young ace of this staff after throwing 8 incredible innings against one of the best hitting teams in the NL. His fastball stayed down in the zone all night. His slider was nasty. The curve was devastating and made several Brewers hitters look silly. And even the change-up looked good when Tommy threw it. To summarize Tommy's night in short, it was (probably) the best start of his career. Way to go kid.

The Braves offense was awful the first few innings. As a matter of fact, they were no-hit by Doug Davis for the first 4 and 2/3 innings. Martin Prado broke up the no-no with a RBI single to LF that scored Nate McLouth from 2B. Braves led 1-0 after the 5th.

Troy Glaus showed his POWAH in the 6th with a DEEP HR to center field. After Brian McCann was hit by a pitch, everyone's favorite #3 hitter Melky Cabrera doubled down the RF line. Brian Snitker messed up big time and sent BMac home after slowly rounding 3rd. He was out by 15 feet. If the Braves didn't score in the 6th after the decision from Snitker, it would've been a huge blow to the team.

Fortunately for the Braves, it wasn't. After an intentional walk to Matt Diaz, Nate McLouth plated Melky from 3rd after Rickie Weeks made an error on a weak groundball. Omar Infante walked to load the bases for tonight's co-MVP, Martin Prado. The Brew Crew brought in lefty Manny Parra to face Nitram Odarp and he was greeted rudely with a monster grand slam from our beloved 2B. The grand slam made it 7-0 in the 6th and it was the first GS from the Braves since 2008.

The Braves added on another run in the 9th with a RBI single from Matty Diaz. Jesse Chavez came in to finish off the game and gave up a 2-run HR blowing the shutout, but recorded the final out to finish the game.

Braves win 8-2.

The Good, Bad, Ugly and some "special awards" after the jump. Oh, and a record was broken tonight!

The Good:

1. Tommy "Big Red" Hanson - 8IP  4H  0ER  1BB/8K; FILTHY.

2. Martin Prado - 2-for-5, GS(2)  5RBI

3. Troy Glaus - 2-for-4, HR(3)  1RBI  1BB/2K

The Bad:

1. Brian McCann - 0-for-4  1K  4LOB; I'm starting to worry a bit about BMac. Are you?

2. Nate McLouth - 0-for-4  

The Ugly:

1. Jesse Chavez - 1IP  2H  2ER  2K  1HR; no shutout for you Braves!

2. Chipper injured again - Anyone even kinda surprised by this?

3. Brian Snitker's 3B coaching - He's been awful lately. On Sunday, he sent Infante and was gunned down at the plate by 10 feet. He then proceeded to throw up a stop sign to Martin Prado, but Prado ran through it and scored without a throw. Monday night, he sent a sloooooow Brian McCann and he was out by a mile at the plate. This needs to change.


1. Game Thread MVP: atl192485; calling both Glaus' HR and Prado's GS is pretty neat.

2. Non-TC member MVP of the night:

Heyward isn’t playing, Jones isn’t good anymore, McCann can’t see, and Prado just isn’t good

by SRB on May 10, 2010 6:24 PM MS

Thank you very much.

Open Thread Comment Count: 2,504 -- WE BROKE THE RECORD!!! (in a non-extra innings game)

This team has been awful the past few weeks, but TC keeps going strong. That's awesome. Keep it up.

Upcoming Game:

The Braves and Brewers meet up for game 2 tomorrow night. Jason Heyward is expected to be back in the lineup for the first time since Wednesday. Tim Hudson will be on the mound for the Bravos and the Brewers counter with Dave Bush. First pitch is at 8:05EST.