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Braves' Derrek Lee Has Thumb Surgery

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From Yahoo's Tim Brown:

Free agent first baseman Derrek Lee has had surgery to repair a torn ligament in his right thumb, an injury that appeared to limit his production for much of the 2010 season.

Lee, who turned 35 in September, is expected to recover in advance of spring training.

Not much of an effect to the Braves, as they likely won't re-sign him. He is reported to be a type-A free agent, so this injury could impact his value on the free agent market and affect whether or not the Braves offer him arbitration. Coming off of a surgery -- even a minor one in which he played through the pain -- a player is usually less attractive on the free agent market. Add to that his age and the competition he will have with the other notable first basemen who are free agents this winter, and the Braves will probably not offer Lee arbitration (the Braves don't need the extra draft picks that bad).