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Things Read in Others Moms' Basements - Around the NL East 11.06.10

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Well, I haven't done this in a few weeks, and it's tough to play catch up sometimes. Firstly, I'd like to say that this year's World Series was entertaining to me, but I have to remark about the sheer lack of drama at it's conclusion. The way Brian Wilson dispatched of the three final Texas Rangers players was downright, well, too easy for him, and too pathetic for the AL champs. When it was over, I was just kind of staring at my TV, thinking "That's it?" But regardless, I'm glad the Giants won it. If the Braves were going to lose, may as well have lost to the very best. Also, I've noticed this mini-trend - since 2006, every even numbered World Series has gone to the NL, and in five games - Cards over Tigers in five in '06, Phillies over the Rays in five in '08, and now the Giants over the Rangers in five in 2010.

Anyway, it's that time of the year, where things are really slow in the new front, other than very obvious moves, or quiet waive/signings of inconsequential players. So you're going to have to bear with me, if things seem a little are on the slim pickins side this week. I promise, before we know it, it'll feel like the entire NL East is in the best shapes of his lives.

Welcome to another week of Things Read in Other Moms' Basements.


Jose Reyes's option picked up for 2011 - MLB
If the Mets have any chance in hell of ever getting better, it's gotta start with Jose Reyes, and the Mets did well of securing him for 2011, by picking up his $11M option. Now the question now, is if they can extend him, or of they'll lose him afterward?

Sandy Alderson, new GM of the Mets - MLB
This is sort of old news, but since I haven't been doing the links the last few weeks, it's gone undocumented, at least here. Former Oakland A exec, Padres exec, he is a baseball man, through and through, as cliche as it sounds. Given the bar set by Omar Minaya, it's hard to imagine that he could do any worse, but he's known as somewhat of a hard-ass, and considering the lack of discipline the Mets have had over the Minaya years, some tough love seems like a good idea.

Mets clubhouse manager, busted in gambling scandal - NY Daily News
Charlie Samuels, long time Mets clubhouse manager is caught in a gambling scandal, betting on professional and collegiate sports, and quite a few times, from the confines of Shea and iti. Other notable behaviors documented was his relationships with Mets players, such as receiving large sums of money from Jeff Francoeur, providing shelter for K-Rod upon excommunication from babysmama, all the way back to winning a bet against Mike Piazza which got him a Lexus. Oh, Mets.

I wonder if there will be another one next year? - MetsBlog
In 2009, it was the coming and going of Ken Takahashi, and in 2010, he came, he saw, and Hisanori Takahashi is packing his bags and hitting the free agent market out of Flushing.

Don Wakamatsu, among others for Mets managerial job - MetsBlog
I don't hide the fact that I think Jon Heyman is about as competent as a blind skeet shooter, but to put in writing that Don Wakamatsu, an man of Asian heritage, is a "F.O.B?" That takes his ignorance and absurdity to whole new levels.

13 Rejected Ideas for Mets Fan Perks - The Apple
Coming straight from the source of the always amusing, always entertaining Apple, are potential ideas that could be tantalizing perks to Mets season-ticket holders. Personally, my favorite would be to get to draw a walk against Oliver Perez, but I don't think you really have to be a season ticket holder in order to become eligible for 56 obsessive text messages from K-Rod...



OPS guy officially files for free agency - WaPo
One of the biggest question marks regarding the Washington Nationals this off-season is the quintessential question that we've been hearing all year - does OPS guy stay or does he go? Willie Harris, Miguel Iowa Bautista, and Kevin Mench have also filed for free agency, as well.

Brandon Webb potential target for the Nationals? - WaPo
I figured the Nats would roll the dice on Javier Vazquez as the potential front-line starter with zero value that could be had for cheap, but Brandon Webb is an interesting proposition. When he was healthy with the Diamondbacks, we all remember how flat out dominant he was capable of being. But naturally, shoulder surgery is amongst the hardest to return from, and there are plenty of question marks on Webb's durability. But since he hasn't pitched since April of 2009, his value is low, his health should be good, and could be had for cheap, perhaps.

Adam Kennedy's option declined, bought out - MLB
The Nationals have decided to decline Adam Kennedy's $2M option, and bought him out for $500k. There is a good chance the Nationals will opt to go with Danny Espinoza next year.

A short history of the Nationals and the optimistic quotes - The Bog

"I think that by the middle of the year '12, that our ballclub could really be putting some pressure on the rest of the division."

And then a whole list of things said by former Nationals people that were optimistic about years now past, that really didn't come very true.

Nationals prospects tearing up AFL - NDN
Bryce Harper's first home run is a towering shot, but one guy to keep your eyes on is Derek Norris, who is obliterating the AFL, with a 1.294 OPS.

Guess who's changing uniform designs again? - The Bog
Since 2005, off the top of my head, I can think of at least six different jersey designs the Nationals have had. If the jersey's ditching the block lettering in favor of script, then that means the Nationals are going to need a new logo soon, too.



Marlins retain Edwin Rodriguez for manager through 2011 - MLB
Naturally, the process is a whole lot more different than the way the Braves do it, and E-Rod has to wait a month before the job is his. Also joining the Marlins coaching staff for 2011 is infield/first-base coach Perry Hill, who is making his second go-around as an auxiliary coach for the Fish. He's also regarded as one of the best infield coaches around, with infielders winning five Gold Gloves in his first tenure with the Marlins.

Dan Uggla purportedly offered four-year deal - SI
And since this is the Marlins, it's not quite exactly what Dan Uggla was hoping for. For starters, the 30-year old second baseman wants five years, and big surprise, the actual financial numbers behind this reported deal are not available. But expect something around $10-11M-ish plus raises per year.

A.J. Pierzynski mulling over thoughts of playing in Florida - Miami Herald
The Marlins need a catcher more than the Rays do, and it's apparently a big benefit to Pierzynski to want to play in the state of Florida, since his family resides in Orlando. And if he wants to play every day, it's very likely that such opportunity would be greater with the Fish than the Rays.

Cody Ross and Jeff Francouer didn't just meet up in the World Series - Fish Stripes
Back when both were with their former clubs, playing a series in Puerto Rico, the two of them found themselves gambling, playing blackjack until five in the morning. The quotes keep saying "we," but all I envision is Cody Ross being the one with the stack of chips, and Jeff Francoeur drunkenly celebrating every 7 card or when his cards equaled up to 12 (both of which are crap in blackjack).

Will Ohman, Jorge Sosa, Chad Tracy, all file for free agency - Miami Herald
Two of them were hampered by injuries all year, and one of them just isn't that good of a baseball player. Ohman stands the best chance of likely finding work next year, but I'm guessing the other two end up as minor league deals as the off-season progresses.



Placido Polanco has successful elbow surgery - MLB
And is expected to be 100 percent by the time Spring Training rolls around. Bone spurs were removed from the elbow, in the process.

1B coach Lopes to leave Phillies - Phillies Nation
What else? Money.

Moyer, Dobbs become free agents - MLB
To some, this may seem inconsequential, but considering how much Moyer has owned the Braves, and Dobbs was always on the lines of Wes Helms, as under-the-radar-late-game-Brave-hitter, I'm glad to see both of them likely not returning. More surprisingly is Moyer's determination, despite being 48 and now having elbow problems, that he wants to go to the Dominican Republic and play winter ball, and try to get himself employed for 2011.

Cliff Lee enjoyed watching Phillies lose -

"...when a team gets rid of you, you kind of like seeing them lose a little bit."

I like Cliff Lee.

J.C. Romero option declined, likely over with Phillies - MLB
The Phillies decided to not exercise the $4.5M option year for Romero, which admittedly is a little high for more or less a LOOGY. However, this separation pretty much necessitates the Phillies to get some LHP in the bullpen, because without Romero, all they have left is the inconsistent Antonio Bastardo.

Despite end result, odds still favor Phillies/Yankees in 2011 -
I gamble, I don't hide that fact. But I don't bet on sports, because sports are unpredictable. I learned my lesson in the 2008 ALCS, by putting money on the Rays to beat the Red Sox. And when the Rays were up 7-0, I felt good, but what happened? The Red Sox scored a bajillion runs in the bottom of the 9th, wtf.