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Braves Claim Joe Mather From Cardinals

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Joe Mather, a right-handed 28-year-old corner outfielder and infielder, has been claimed by the Braves. Mather has shown decent on base skills in the minors and could be a useful player. is currently down, so researching his numbers against left-handed pitching is near impossible until the site is up. 

Regardless, Mather has played a good amount in right field, a bit of center, and also some in the corner infield spots. He could be a right-handed version of what Eric Hinske provided this season, which is something this team needs with left field and first base currently being occupied by left-handed hitters. He played more right field than anything else the past few seasons, but I am sure the Braves would look for him to be more flexible if they want him on the Major League team.

Mather posted a .348 on base percentage in triple-A last season, spanning 376 plate appearances. This could end up as a minor league depth move, or Mather could be a right-handed bench player in the case that Matt Diaz is not tendered a contract.

As Derrick Gold of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch states, the Braves tried to trade for him in the past. It was probably Blaine Boyer being discussed, but he also mentions that it could have been Rafael Soriano. Anyways, it is better to have gotten him for free, and let's hope he can produce for the Braves in some way in the future.