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Things Read in Others Moms' Basements - Around the NL East 11.27.10

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I hope everyone has had a nice Thanksgiving this year, and aren't feeling too bloated today. Hopefully none of you got tramped, doing any ridiculous Black Friday shopping, either. I ate a ton of turkey, passed out on triptafen twice, and got a snazzy new shop-vacuum for my garage for $30, and a nice new wireless keyboard/mouse combo for $20, so my holiday's been fairly fattening, hearty, and successful.

But being a holiday week, it was slower than Sandy Springs rush hour traffic in the NL East news this week. And what there was, was fairly fluffy, other than arbitration offered to some familiar names. Welcome back to another week of Things Read in Other Moms' Basements.


Marlins reaching out to Javier Vazquez - MLB
Interestingly enough, our old friend Javier Vazquez is only interested in one-year deals for the remainder of his career, but he spent the holiday week, meeting with Marlins skipper, Edwin Rodriguez, in their native Puerto Rico. Even more fascinating is that the Yankees offered Vazquez arbitration, with full confidence that he wouldn't accept, assuming he wants to leave New York. But despite the putrid 2010 season, arbitration could feasibly backfire on them if he were to accept, but it's basically a ploy to get a compensation pick out of the Marlins.

Ozzie Guillen flip-flops on allegiances during football tailgate - Fish Bytes
The ever-amusing Ozzie Guillen, very possible candidate for future Marlins manager, was spotted in South Beach recently, at the Bears-Dolphins football game. Naturally, all the well-traveling Chicagoans love him, and as a resident of South Beach during the off-season, he has his allegiances there. But when it comes to seeing fan quality, he's quick to give the nod to Chicagoans over the die-hard Dolphin fans. Not necessarily the best move when he's supposedly supposed to be the next Marlins manager.

A bevvy of minor league acquisitions - Marlins Locker
Frank Mata (RHP) and Victor Garate (LHP) both sign minor league deals; both are 26-years old, and spent most of their time in AAA for the 2010 seasons for the O's and Dbacks respectively, and to no surprise, have closing experience, and potential to become pieces in the revamping of the Marlins bullpen moving forward. Also signed is career minor league outfielder, Josh Kroeger, who will aspire to become a bench piece for the Fish.

You know it's a very slow week when . . . - Marlin Maniac
The stat-guru of the Marlins has nothing to blog about than the coincidental management of a Chipotle restaurant by a guy also named "Edwin Rodriguez."



Terry Collins, named new Mets manager - MLB
I was really hoping it would be Wally Backman, because then it would feel like Omar Minaya had never left. But, I suppose Alderson is a little smarter than Minaya, and went with the more level-headed choice. If you weren't aware, Collins is a career .506 manager, with his best season coming in 1998 with 85-77 record with the Anaheim Angels. He will be wearing #10 in honor of Jim Leyland.

To prove that not all trouble is out of paradise yet, Wally Backman vocal about not being named manager - NY Daily News
And such remarks are made:

When somebody needs an ass-chewing, I'll do it, but I take a lot of things into consideration when I do it.

Man, I really wish he were named the manager, too.

Jose Reyes is not untouchable - MetsBlog
Well, that's one way to shake things up. When listing off players who would be closer to untouchable than others, Jose Reyes's name doesn't make the list. Subsequently, rumor out of San Francisco claims that Jose Reyes is available for trade, albeit "for a boatload."

Pedro Feliciano offered arbitration - MLB
If he accepts, it'll feel like the LOLMets. If he declines, then it's higher probability of being good news for the Mets than bad. LOLMets because the Mets would be on the hook for almost $4M for a situational lefty, with almost 280 appearances in the last three-seasons, making him a high injury risk. Good news if he declines, because then the Mets get a compensation pick, but still a little bad, because this leaves virtually no reputable LHP in the bullpen projected, going into 2011.

Howard Johnson, Randy Niemann not returning to their previous roles - MLB
This move right here has the capability to change and shape the Mets more than any other move the team makes, in my opinion. Howard Johnson is a decent hitting coach, but the previous management really did a number with him, and subsequently the players. Too often, HoJo was instructed to work with all Mets hitters to get them to improve on going the other way, and with notorious pull-hitters like Jason Bay and Jeff Francoeur in the past more or less incapable of following through, it kind of put restratints and mental blocks on some guys. With new guidance, I wouldn't be surprised to see a noticable improvement in hitting from the squad as a whole.

(SATIRE) Black Friday trampling at Mets team store - The Apple
I thought I should really preface the satire tag with this one, because it would've been far too amusing for me too had this been really true, as I do find sadistic amusement hearing about the very legitimate tramplings that occur on Black Fridays on a yearly basis. Naturally, my favorite part about this is:

...the Mets brought out Oliver Perez, who had flown up from Mexico to greet fans and sign autographs. Now the fans really wanted out.

But don't look now . . . - MWL
Oliver Perez pitched in a game down in Mexico, where his team didn't lose. In fact, Perez contributed heavily to the Tomateros de Culiacan (The Tomato Farmers) victory, by pitching 4.0 IP of shutout ball, allowing three hits, walking just two, while striking out four. He didn't get a win for his efforts, but more importantly, he didn't take a loss for sucking.



Adam Dunn only National to be offered arbitration - NDN
Obviously, the ramifications for any team that signs OPS guy is that depending on their standings, could forfeit two draft picks to the Nationals. There's still time that the Nationals could feasibly re-sign Dunn, but it's not looking too likely these days.

More reasons to be weary of the future Nationals - NDN
The Scottsdale Scorpions, with eight Nationals prospects, win the AFL Championship. Derek Norris (C), Bryce Harper (RF), and Steve Lombardozzi (SS) drive in all three of the Scorpions' runs in the championship game, and the game was started by Sammy Solis (LHP), who pitched four innings, allowing one earned, striking out three, and the game was saved by Cole Kimball (RHP) who in 12 AFL innings pitched, struck out 15 batters. The major league team is obviously struggling, but they are building through the farm, and eventually, the trees will bear some good fruit.

Nationals reaching out to Javier Vazquez - MLB
As expected, the Nationals express interest in our old friend, Javier Vazquez, and are speculated to make him an offer soon.

Prospect Danny Espinoza shelved with hand injury - MLB
The expected second baseman for 2010 put an end to his winter ball experience with a minor break in his right hand. He is still expected to be 100% come spring training.

This Nats blogger is already ready to give up on Ian Desmond - NDN
And is ready to party if the Nationals were to acquire Jason Bartlett from the Rays. The 34 errors are definitely concerning, but he's averaged 20+ every year in the minors, so it's not like the org isn't aware of his shortcomings. Or maybe it should be looked at the fact that he's still just 24, but with good athleticism and could feasibly improve with steady, consistent play, as well as practice? Personally, I don't think it's worth giving up on the potential his bat brings just yet.

More reasons to like Ryan Zimmerman - The Bog
All business on the field, but apparently a pretty funny and entertaining guy off of it, despite the stoic, reclusive nature of the first three years of his career. (Skip to 2:00 mark in video)



Jayson Werth offered arbitration - MLB
This is pretty much the only notable thing going on in Phillies-land this week, unless you're interested in Domonic Brown getting a hit, or some rookie-ball level managerial promotions. But unlike the Dunn or Feliciano arbitration offers, the Phillies wouldn't mind if Werth were to spontaneously accept, as unlikely as it seems. And if he bolts, two picks ahoy.