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Braves Second Baseman Martin Prado Comes In Ninth In NL MVP Voting

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It was a good showing for Braves second baseman Martin Prado in the National League voting, which was announced Tuesday. Joey Votto was rightly voted as the MVP, with Albert Pujols second.

Prado came in ninth between two Phillies, Jayson Werth (8th) and Ryan Howard (10th). Prado was listed on 17 of 32 ballots with his highest vote being one fifth place vote.

Twenty-year old Jason Heyward came in 20th in the voting, receiving four votes, including two seventh-place votes, and Brian McCann was right behind him at 21 with three votes, including one sixth-placed vote.

Overall a good showing for the Braves, who didn't have any player put up the kind of gaudy offensive numbers that usually sway voters in MVP voting.