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Bobby Cox Finishes Fourth In NL Manager Of The Year Voting

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In his final season, the fact that Bobby Cox held a team torn apart by injury after injury together, was apparently not enough to earn him his fifth Manager of the Year award. Here are the results from the Baseball Writers Association of America:

Manager 1st 2nd 3rd Points
Bud Black, San Diego Padres 16 7 3 104
Dusty Baker, Cincinnati Reds 13 12 2 103
Bruce Bochy, San Francisco Giants 1 4 13 30
Bobby Cox, Atlanta Braves 1 4 11 28
Charlie Manuel, Philadelphia Phillies 1 4 3 20
Brad Mills, Houston Astros 1 3

Cox did receive one first place vote, but so did at least five other managers. Nice of the writers to give the award to the manager of the team that really did collapse their way out of a playoff berth, though.