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Braves Quote For The Day ... More Than Uggla

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The puns that you can do with headlines and Dan Uggla's name may never get old. ESPN points out a few awesome statistical tidbits about our new second baseman:

Uggla's 154 home runs are the most by a middle infielder in his first five seasons, in major league history (18 more than Ernie Banks). They also trail only Pujols for most home runs by an NL right-handed hitter in these last five seasons.

After watching what Uggla did to them at Turner Field, Braves fans will be quite happy to be able to root for him and not against him. Uggla is a .354 career hitter at Turner Field. His batting average is the third-best of anyone there since the ballpark opened in 1997. His .652 slugging percentage there trails only a pair of immortals -- Barry Bonds and Pujols.

And then he talks about Uggla's defense, which is less that average. Perhaps our new infield instructor, Terry Pendleton will have a few pointers for him. But if Uggla can continue most of those numbers he's put up at the Ted, then he should more than make up for his shoddy defense. Keep in mind that Uggla is in his free agent walk year, so he has some extra incentive to post gaudy numbers.