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Heyward Named SBN NL ROY

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After losing out on the BBWAA Rookie of the Year, the bloggers of SB Nation have named Jason Heyward their NL Rookie of the Year, echoing the sentiment of Baseball America, who also chose Heyward over Buster Posey. Here are the results:

Rookie 1st 2nd 3rd Points
Heyward 20 11 133
Posey 12 18 2 116
Garcia 1 12 15
Castro 1 3 6
Stanton 6 6
Sanchez 1 2 5
Davis 4 4
Hudson 1 1
Johnson 1 1
Chacin 1 1

While this is just another award, and one way down the importance scale, it does reflect what a more sabermetrically inclined group think about who was a better rookie. Endless arguments can be made, but as a homer, I'm on the side of Heyward, clearly.