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Braves Minor League Free Agents

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Just in case you're curious, here is a list of all the Braves minor leaguers who are free agents, courtesy of Baseball America:

RHP: James Parr+ (AAA)
LHP: Mariano Gomez (AAA)
C: Orlando Mercado (AAA), Clint Sammons (AAA)
2B: Joe Thurston (AAA)
3B: Christian Colonel (AA), Eric Duncan (AA), Wes Timmons (AAA)
SS: Luis Bolivar (AAA)
OF: Mike Daniel (AA)

Five dollars says James Parr already has a deal in place with the Royals. Just a hunch.

It would be nice to have Wes Timmons back, but if he didn't get the charity call this year he may never get it from the Braves. I've always thought Mariano Gomez would be a serviceable bullpen LOOGY, but we're pretty much set with those types.

While we're on the subject of four-A minor leaguers, here is a nice article on J.C. Boscan from MiLB.