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Braves Announce Tonight's Lineup

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The Braves have announced their lineup for tonight. Here it is.

1. Omar Infante - 3B
2. Jason Heyward - RF
3. Derrek Lee - 1B
4. Brian McCann - C
5. Alex Gonzalez - SS
6. Matt Diaz - LF
7. Brooks Conrad - 2B
8. Rick Ankiel - CF
9. Derek Lowe - P

I like it. When I thought about it this morning, I just had a good feeling about Matty Diaz. Not sure why, but I just wanted him in the lineup. Bobby obliged, and put together a pretty good looking lineup. One could complain about Rick Ankiel, but he's no worse than Melky or McLouth, and his defense is much better. AT&T is a huge park and we'll need him to cover some ground out there. Besides that, no real complaints.