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Atlanta Braves Fan Confidence Continues to Plummet

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As the hopes of the postseason fade from reality, the confidence that Atlanta Braves fans have in their team also continues to fade. This poll was posted last Friday, and closed on Sunday, so even before we were swept at the hands of the Reds the fan confidence had taken a huge hit from the disappointing split series with the Marlins.

No doubt if the poll were taken today we might see the confidence level much lower, perhaps the lowest it's been all season. The last time the FCP was this low was at the end of June. The low point then, and for the season, was 48%. The current 54% and the on-going decline may beat that low next week if the Braves continue their lackluster play when they head on the road to Houston and St. Louis.

For most fans, the realization has hit them -- the Braves season is over.