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Braves promote baseball's top prospect, Jason Heyward, to triple-A

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It's hard to believe that Jason Heyward started this year in A-ball, but after tearing up double-A for two months to the tune of a .352 average, the Braves will test his skill in triple-A. The promotion gives Heyward a chance to play in the playoffs for Gwinnett, should the G-Braves win tonight (or tomorrow). Heyward is the Braves' top prosepct, and he was ranked as the number-1 prospect by Baseball America in their mid-season rankings. He will also participate in the Arizona Fall League in several weeks, so it is uncertain if the Braves will call him up to the majors after the Gwinnett season is over. That is unlikely however, as the Braves would have to create a roster spot and risk starting Heyward's arbitration clock.


Photo of Jason Heyward courtesy of Chip Jett.