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A Special Week of NAHWAL

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This last week of the season will be an exciting one, no matter what happens. So to add to that excitement there will be a week of "Special Edition NAHWAL." For the uninitiated, NAHWAL stands for Noc-A-Homa-Win-A-Lotta, which is a combination of the two original mascots of the Atlanta Braves and for our purposes is the name I gave to a pick-'em game we've played here for about three years (with varying degrees of interest).

To learn more about the history of NAHWAL and to learn how to play, go here.

The basic concept is simple, for each game you pick three things: (1) a guess of what the attendance will be (the closest to the actual attendance wins a point), (2) a pick to click (usually the top two or three Braves player performances are chosen and one point is awarded if you picked one of those players), and (3) above and beyond pick (you pick something else that will happen in the game, and a point is awarded if that outcome occurs). For a full explanation go here.

This special week of NAHWAL is being sponsored by TBS Hot Corner, the official home of TBS post-season coverage, which begins October 7th (and we certainly hope that our Braves are a part of it). They have provided me with a TBS Hot Corner Prize pack to give away which includes an Adidas Laptop Bag, a Nike Golf Long-sleeve pullover, a sleeve of Nike ONE golf balls, and a 16oz Tervis Tumbler, all Turner Sports or TBS Sports branded.


This is a great opportunity for us here at Talking Chop to have a little fun and a chance to win some cool swag. Help support our sponsor and get yourself ready for the post-season by making sure you visit the TBS Hot Corner page, as well as the TBS Hot Corner Facebook page (where you can interact with Chip Caray!).

The contest starts today and the person with the most points by the end of the week (Sunday) will win the prize pack. So make your picks for today's game with the three original categories (Attendance, Pick to click, Above and Beyond pick). Make sure you get your picks in before the start of the game.

Good luck and GO BRAVES!