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Open Thread 9/25: Braves at Nationals

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The Braves begin possibly the most important stretch of games of the season... against the worst team in baseball. Interesting that our most important games in these last few days are against such a non-contender... but for some reason that scares the living sh*t out of 98% of Braves fans.

Remember to vote in the Fan Confidence Poll (it was buried by several other posts after being posted this morning).


Atlanta Braves @ Washington Nationals

09/25/09 7:05 PM EDT

Atlanta Braves Washington Nationals
Nate McLouth - CF Willie Harris - LF
Martin Prado - 2B Ian Desmond - SS
Chipper Jones - 3B Adam Dunn - 1B
Brian McCann - C Ryan Zimmerman - 3B
Yunel Escobar - SS Josh Willingham - RF
Garret Anderson - LF Pete Orr - 2B
Matt Diaz - RF Josh Bard - C
Adam LaRoche - 1B Justin Maxwell - CF
Javier Vazquez - P John Lannan - P