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Braves pitching prospect Julio Teheran earns top Appy League honors

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On the heels of catcher Christian Bethancourt being named the top prospect in the Gulf Coast League, one of the top pitching prospects in the Atlanta Braves organization, Julio Teheran, has been named the top rookie in the the Appalachian League. Teheran is only 18 and considered to be talented enough to be a future ace pitcher.

Other Braves prospects that were ranked in the Appy League top-20 were last year's second-round pick pitcher Tyler Stovall at #16, this year's fourth-round pick shortstop Mycal Jones at #17, and last year's eighth-round pick pitcher Brett Oberholtzer at #20. Also considered for these rankings were two of the best break-out performances in the league, first baseman and league MVP Riaan Spanjer-Furstenburg, and lefty Chris Masters, who almost won the league ERA title. It's surprising they were left out, but they were both college pitchers and a bit older for the league.

Danville is usually a hotbed of prospect activity for the Braves, as they play talent that is usually below them, and therefore we often see some anomalous good performances. It is good to see Teheran thought of so highly, especially after the injury struggles of last year. He should spend most of next season in one or both of the A-ball leagues, and with a good performance there, he could be catapulted into being considered our top prospect and one of the top-25 in all of baseball.