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Do the Atlanta Braves really have a chance at the post-season this year?

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If you had 9 or 10 more games to play in the season and you were trying to make the playoffs, who would you rather play? The Cardinals, Brewers, and Dodgers or the Nationals, Marlins, and the Nationals again? The Nationals, mind you, are the worst team in baseball! The Cardinals and Dodgers... are each leading their respective division and have two of the three best records in the National League.

I'm so hesitant to write anything about the Braves making the playoffs, or even having a chance to make the playoffs, but they really do. Yes, they're going to need some help from the Rockies, but if you figured out the questions above, you'll realize that while they've had a pretty easy schedule so far in September, they have a very rough schedule in the last week of the season, whereas the Braves have possibly the easiest schedule in all of baseball with 7 games against the worst team in baseball.

That worst team has played us hard, but we still hold a 7-wins to 4-loss advantage over them on the season series (and all we need to do is double that win total). So, my fellow Braves fans, there is a chance, oh yes, there is a chance. Who knows, as schizophrenic as this team has been this year, perhaps this week will be a good week. On the other hand...

National League Wild Card Standings

Colorado 86 67 .562 0 Lost 2
Atlanta 82 70 .539 3.5 Won 3
San Francisco 82 71 .535 4 Lost 1
Florida 82 71 .535 4 Won 2
Chicago 79 73 .519 6.5 Won 1
Milwaukee 75 78 .490 11 Lost 1
Cincinnati 72 81 .470 14 Won 4
Houston 71 81 .467 14.5 Won 1
San Diego 71 83 .461 15.5 Won 2
Arizona 66 87 .431 20 Lost 1
New York 65 88 .424 21 Lost 3
Pittsburgh 56 95 .370 29 Lost 6
Washington 52 100 .342 33.5 Lost 1

(updated 9.25.2009 at 9:16 AM EDT)