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Everything is apparently fine between Braves' Cox and Wren

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I was intrigued by the report yesterday from Yahoo! Sports writer Gordon Edes about friction between the Braves manager Bobby Cox and general manager Frank Wren. It seemed plausible, and why report it if it hadn't come from a reliable source. Edes attributed his scoop to a "major league source," though there is no elaboration on who that might be -- player or team personnel.

This morning we got double denial from both Frank Wren, who said the report was inaccurate, and Bobby cox who told the AJC's Mark Bradley this:

Bobby Cox responded this morning to a Yahoo! Sports report of discord between him and Braves GM Frank Wren. Said Cox, speaking via iPhone from New York: "Everything is fine. Frank has been outstanding ... I couldn't believe it when I [learned of the report]."

My first reaction was, "Bobby has an iPhone!!!" Maybe he's not a disconnected from this generation as I thought. I wonder what kind of apps he has on there... now I'm really curious.

As for any rift between Wren and Cox, only they know, but we might find out this off-season depending on whether or not Bobby decides to stay. It's still surprising that this story did not come from a Braves beat writer.

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